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That would be worth reading 😉


Hello everyone! I decided to use “Word Press” because I need to write articles about my daliy moments or memories on this! I’m so lazy to write down on my diary book. 

“I’ve still haven’t had enough of this life, I still want to explore things around me. I still have a craving to feel new feelings I never felt. I still want to do a lot of things. I’m still always wondering what’s going to happen next. “

I will write many articles about my feelings, people I love, things I like to do, my testimonies, about everything!So you can check everything about me on my account. Sometimes, you will get strength from my articles or when you feel down, read my articles! I believe I can leave at least one impact in your life by reading my articles. 
That would be worth reading 😉 

Life Changing Experiences Of Being An Exchange Participant

I can say that joining Young Spirit Exchange program was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life. A year has passed.This program is a privilage for me. I’m thankful to God for this opportunity. I am thankful to all the people who made this an unforgettable memory I’ve ever had. I’ve come away with some valuable lessons.

Here are some highlights from Exchange program.

  • Personal growth and growing out of comfort zone : I was impressed to such talented people in the program who aim to develop their communities to be better. I learned from the program teams, fellow participants, and the people who are really committed to social work.

  • Being adaptable makes the experience more enriching: Being flexible with fellows makes my experience more enriching. And it’s true.

  • Become an adult : Speed up the transition from teenager to adult by leaping into the unknown. I have to do everything by myself, make my own meals and wash my own clothes. After a year. I feel like I can live anywhere by my own.

  • Develop and new sense of Independence : Getting out and leaving my comfort zone to experience a freedom and independence that make me realize how much beauty there really is in this world. Then bring that experience back to all my family and friends at home.

  • Appreciate home and family more : Any memories of parental arguments or sibling arguments will pale in comparison my memories of how amazing they are. And really miss family dinner and the food prepared by Mom and my sister. I have realized that family relationships is much stronger!
  • Travel without being a millionaire : Exchange program can be a valuable gateway to travel or a way to engage in activities that may not otherwise be financially possible for us. It can be a win-win situation, supporting communities in acts of service while also experiencing things that we have had on our bucket list for years! One of the most exciting benefits of volunteering is the opportunity to see the world and travel to places you might never have considered.

  • Make many new friends : This is a benefit I probably wouldn’t expect, but when I travel, I easily make new friends. This exchange program provides me with an opportunity to get to know like-minded people. Now I have got very good friends from Vietnam and Cambodia. I didn’t expect that close to them. When I think about it, I well spent time with people who care about the same things that I care about, and who all have similar values. It is fun to celebrate the similarities and recognize the differences.

  • Make unforgettable memories : It’s very easy to get homesick when you talk to your family and friends every day, but when I changed my routine, it became a lot easier to focus on my time spent with people around me. Traveling with my girls, karaoke nights, movie nights, gossiping, eating out, arguing, laughing, etc. I really miss all the moments and bonding between us.

  • Always learn something new : No matter what exchange program experience you decide on, there will be countless opportunities to learn new practical, social and communication skills that will help you thrive as a human being.

  • Get to know myself : Joining this exchange program was an incredibly important part for me. Being away home for that long forces me to analyze myself, which can be really difficult but I come out a better person. I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t say the same but it’s a huge opportunity for my personal growth and development. For me personally, this allows me to glimpse the kind of future I might want to lead. I’m a more independent and stronger person for the experience.

  • Life changing experience : Life lessons learned from this can lead me to self-improvement, confidence, and can even help in finding my soul purpose 😊

Thank you for visiting my blog and reading this articles💕💕💕

With Love,


Things I have learnt from my Mom

Being 21 years old, having gone through of experiences with my Mom, I am so grateful to call her Mom. She always seems to nag me or want me to do things in a certain way. Sometimes I dislike it. Now, I have realized that my Mom is the reason I am who I am today. She is my favorite woman in the world. Yes, she is my role model. I am far away from home for almost 6 months. This is my second time that I stay far away from home. Last couple days ago, I was stressed with my stuff and I really wanted to tell her. Then I talked with her on phone. Every time I talk to my Mom, I can reduce stress and ends the conversation with smile. I want to take time to reflect on all of the wonderful lessons I have learnt from my Mom.

  • God first, family second and everything else after that.
  • Pray! God can deliver big stuff. I still remember when I was young, every time I asked my Mom to buy the stuffs I like. But she told me “Pray for that”.
  • Say “Please” and “Thank You”
  • Education is the key. I remember that she used to award our siblings when someone gets high marks in the school grades.
  • Chew with your mouth closed and practice good table manners start from family meals.
  • Speak slowly. My mom always reminds me to speak slowly. I’m trying Mom…
  • Be content with little. There were the times when money is tight. But my parents taught me to count the blessings and thank GOD.
  • Attend Church Worship has always been important to my family. Then and now.
  • Stay humble. She always tells me that “Be the light”
  • Manage your time wisely.
  • Read books I still remember that my Mom gave me a book to read when she goes out and I stay home. The taught me to spend free time by reading. And that book is one of my favorite books.
  • Always bring a charged phone You never know when there will be an emergency.
  • Walk tall and stand straight.
  • Laugh and smile.
  • Be kind When someone says or acts bad things to you, kill them with kindness.
  • Never forget where you came from.
  • Appreciate teachers She taught us how to pay respect to our teachers.
  • Be a good friend and find a good friend.
  • Pack afternoon lunch to school. ( One of tips how to save money)
  • Thank GOD before you eat.
  • Rise early and sweep. Sweeping is one of exercises.
  • Iron the clothes and dress for occasion
  • Be quick to help. Life is not about getting… it’s all about giving.
  • Visit Grandparents’ house and have conversations.
  • Have dinner together. I really miss family dinner and sharing our days with my parents.

I am so blessed to have my mother in my life. She is the reason who I am today. Thank you sooo much for loving me unconditionally, praying for me all the time, supporting me, guiding me, being a role model, being my favorite woman in the world.

With love,


One Thing Remains

A thousand times I’ve failed, still Your mercy remains.

We all need friends and family to walk with us, encourage us, and help us out when life gets tough, and we in turn need to be a support to others. During these days, I am so tired of everything(work plans, new friends and new places). Sometimes, my heart is so weak when there is no one around me. I used to be the one who is very emotional with feelings. Last night, I cried a lot. I was thinking about everything(family,friends,future career). I feel like “I am stuck here”.

But “One Thing Remains” song came on my playlist.  Your love never fails, and never gives up… It never runs out on me. Yes! when the things get painful, I may call unto God for help. His goodness and His faithfulness and love never fail over my life. I know that God reach out to weak soul. It’s time to get up. Go on to loving again.

My soul is weary with sorrow, strengthen me according to your word.
 ( Psalm 119:28)

“I don’t deserve to be loved but I am loved nonetheless.”

“I am loved despite my faults and weaknesses.”

“I am loved despite my past.”

“I am loved despite being me.”

I don’t deserve to be loved yet I am loved completely, deeply, and passionately by GOD ”





Stepping Out Of Comfort Zone

At the end of the day, we have more in common than we think! It was fun to celebrate the similarities and recognize the differences. It is about challenges. It is about moving out of my comfort zone. It is about stretching myself to the max.

Being involved in community-based programs and projects for a couple of years has deepen the roots that drives me in pursuing God-given opportunities to learn and take part of nation building in the area of child & youth engagement. It all started from my experience way back in 2014.

Few years later, I found the missing piece of it all. He is the true essence why I’m doing all these today.  How? Through constant seeking through worship and prayers. It made me realized that I do things on my own but without Him, nothing can give me genuine fulfillment and joy. And so I have learned to rely more on Him and die to myself everyday.

Though it’s hard to remain faithful all days of my life, God definitely not only loves me but also He makes me a better person than what I used to be.

But as I walk out my life on this crazy earth, whatever the circumstances today, I can trust GOD and it brings a perspective of hope. And yes. everything started from a HOPE and now God has answered it for me! I may have faced a lot of giants along the way, but what my God did for me is greater. I truly believe that my involvement in the program is a God-given opportunity. He opened this door not just for me but for the people that we love in each of our communities. Everything will be for the sole purpose of creating positive transformation among people in their heart, mind and soul. 

And then as the year progresses I am sure I will find new challenges to keep me alive, moving and close to the GOD who seems to say: Never get too comfortable. Comfort creates complacency. Complacency creates laziness. Laziness creates dullness. Dullness creates stupidity. And it goes on and on and on. So I guess 2018 could be something like this: Busy Bee

The very first sunrise of 2018 in Doha,Qatar

With Love 💜

Ahlay ^_^

10 Days In Hanoi

             The first day that I arrived in Hanoi on 27th of December, the weather was so cold and it made me more stress and I don’t want to do anything on that time, but we have an excellent supervisor who very well organized on everything, this make me feel good. And unforgettable moment of the first day in Hanoi is a warmest welcome at Green house, and it is also the first day that all participants have met with other fellows from Vietnam and Cambodia.

           Actually, it’s Preparatory training course of FK Norway Young Spirit Program. The course includes a lot of relevant topics to get more understanding about organizations, culture, the foundation of non-profit organization, leadership and strategic workplans for next 10 months. Furthermore, one of my expectations from this program is as we can share of what we are doing, the best practice has been done in other countries and the challenges face by our work, particularly the way that we can work together to have something change in our community. I have learnt that all the participants they have differences experiences from different backgrounds and different purposes for this Young Spirit Program. Not only to achieve our goals but also to support others to achieve their own goal in our community.

12 participants from different countries

10 facts about this training

  1. Dear Future Me
  • On the first day of training, everyone all have to write down our own expectations,contribution and commitments for Young Spirit program. And we put our letters on the “Dear Future Me” to open those letters at the end of training.

2. Chow Circle

  • I love it when we do “Chow Circle” before we have breakfast,lunch and dinner. Each day, two persons have to lead for Recap and Chow Circle. They have to say what we have learnt and shared. What do we did well and what we need to improve. If someone has announcement for the group, they can announce during Chow Circle.

3. Tentative work plans

  • Wahh i’m so excited for next 4 months in Hanoi. I’m going to work with two Vietnamese girls and one Cambodia girl. We know what sector we will be focusing on, what the challenge is and what needs to be changed, who are affected and who we should be serving, where is the change needed and where can we start, when can we start, how long does it need and how long does it take to achieve such change. Our tentavie workplans include teaching to disabilities, working with Childcare program, supporting international volunteers, bonding day per week, designing and organizing education for kids at Community Center, knowledge sharing session with Youth Club at the universities, monthly trip, cultural night and Vietnamese lessons.
Tentative work plans of Myanmar team
Work plans of Myanmar Team
Work plans of Vietnam Team

4. Language challenge

  • Learning Vietnamese song is not easy. But I have to thank two Vietnanese girl for teaching me Vietnamese words and song. Never too old to learn!!!
    With my two gorgeous girls from Vietnam

5. City Tour

  • Visited three main places in Hanoi. Vietnamese’s Women Museum is my fav place! I do want to go there and explore again. Because three places in one day is not enough for me tho.
    Temple of Literature

    Maison Centrale in Hanoi
    Vietnames’s Women Museum
    Barbershop on the street in Hanoi
    Two are better than one.


    Art ❤
    One of ethnic group people
    They are so similiar with my ethnic group Lisu
    One of fav pictures
    Clothes make the women. (sometimes)
    Colourful costume
    Life in a picture 🙂
    Interesting wall of Cafe shop!

    The little dog is scared of me 😦
  • 6. Training Venue in Thai Hai

  •  After visiting Women Museum in Hanoi, I was thinking to visit one of ethnic people in Vietnam. Wahh next day, we visited Thai Hai. It’s such a peaceful and beautiful place. I love the people especially kids. They are super cute. Toured around the village and had so much fun. 

When we stay, it’s just the place.When we leave, land become soul.

Traditional well of Thai Hai Village
Washing hands before we enter the village.
Playing traditional instrument.
I love thier music and performance! So authentic!!
With Thai Hai people and Cambodians
Can’t get enough of exploring the village!
Thai Hai is famous for green tea!
Happiness on the table!
One of my fav meals
With beautiful Vietnamese coordinator and tour guide
The peaceful place in the forest
Insect in the bed
This Thai Hai footwear is better than my sneaker Lol
The Creator must be always higher than creations.
There is a story behind this pic Hahaa

7. Communication training

 Actually, it was memorable moment in Thai Hai. After finishing interactive discussion, we had sharing session about our feelings through the program. So that we can understand each others during this program. What i have learned from this training is that a truth for myself and my community: “Individual and community development starts from the attitude”. The good attitude only comes from understanding between the people in the community. When you didnt love someone or something just because you don’t understand them or didn’t spend enough time to try to understand or another reason, you did not have the knowledge enough to understand and then change your attitude.

We are strong enough
Everyone loves to do that pose!

8. Teamwork and leadership 

 If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. A team is a group of people with different skills and tasks who work together on the common goal. (eg.Football match). I love it when we have to do “Mission impposible” in 30 mins. We have to apply how should we work as a team and leader has to manage different tasks. 

Strat the lesson with a meaningful game
People who love drawing
Quick drawing!
Wedding role play
    It’s all about team work

    9. Cultural Exchange Night

    •  One of memorable moments. It was such a great honour to perform the dance with my Mom wedding traditional costume. And everyone loves that dress. 
      Myanmar Team

      With my beautiful young ladies. So excited to work with them
      Barbecue night

      Second time of wearing my Mom’s wedding dress

    10. Mafia Game 

    • Everyone loves to play Mafia game. The lesson i have learnt from the mafia game is that we have to listen others and convice to win the game. 

                          At first, the purpose of my trip was seeking skills but you have taught me more than that. You have helped me see a bigger picture where all the people working together no matter if you are university student, businessmen, social worker or NGO staff, university lecturer, you can be willing put your hands to help each other to build a better community. By binding together, make the strong root.

                                                           With Love💜


    🌻 Know Your Worth 🌻

    “​No matter what you see when you look at photographs of yourself and no matter how you feel others see you when they first look at you, you are fearfully and wonderfully made by God on the inside and out. He sees you as apart of His Creation and even when others overlook your beauty, that does not change what He sees when He looks at you, and what He is doing in your life from the inside out”

    I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Marvelous are Your works, And that my soul knows very well.                                                      Psalm ‭139:14

    Make up doesn’t make a girl. But her soul 💜
    No make up and dare to go out without make up!

                    No matter how I feel others see me when they first look at me, I am fearfully and wonderfully made by GOD on the inside and out. I am apart of His Creation and I don’t have to change my appearance in order to be accepted by who might see me as attractive or beautiful. I already know that my worth runs far beneath the surface, because my worth is in what GOD is doing in me and through me. This is what will last. I eventually realize that it is truly lasts!!!!
    So I put my focus on my WORTH and radiate outwardly. ☘
    With Love,

                                                                   Ahlay 💜

    Dear No One 

    Dear no one,

    This is your love song

    🎶​But sometimes I just want somebody to hold…..

    Someone to give me their jacket when it’s cold…….

    Got that young love even when we’re old

    Yeah, sometimes I want someone to grab my hand……<<
    ck me up, pull me close, be my man

    I will love you 'til the end……

    So if you're out there I swear to be good to you…..<<
    t I'm done lookin' for my future someone…….

    'Cause when the time is right you'll be here……

    But for now, dear No One,

    This is your love song

    Ooh, oh, oh

    But I'd love to have a soul mate

    And God’ll give him to me someday< b>And I know it’ll be worth the wait🎶🎶

    #twoarebetterthanone #worththewait

    Yours lovingly,

    Ahlay 💜